10 best cheap Web Hostings in India 2020

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you are in the right place. Here I will explain all of the cheapest and value for money Web hostings.

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When we talk about hostings, every one mostly newbies think a lot about which web hosting is good for them and have good performance.

But as a new player in the blogging field, no one wants to invest much amount to buy a powerful expensive hosting plan.

So they often choose an ordinary cheap hosting which will create a lot of problems to their website in long run and they waste their money.

That’s the main reason that’s why newbies quit. There are lot of hostings people see on the web and almost everyone is claiming to be the best.

Most of them proclaim their hosting is best, provides high-speed uptime and blah blah blah.

But when we use them personally we got to know the real truth behind those stats.

So it is not a good idea to check each of them and figure out this confusion. We also don’t have enough time to check personally.

So here is the secret key to finding out a perfect best & cheap hosting,

Points To Be Noted Before Buying A Hosting Plan

Refund policy
Customer support


Traffic is the most important point to be considered whenever you are going to buy a new hosting plan.

It helps you to set your budget. And also specify which hosting plan will be best for your website.

Refund Policy

Refund policy is an agreement in which hosting companies have to return your money if you cancel your plan.

Customer support

It is a very important point to be noticed because whenever you’ll face any problem with your hosting.

An active support team is needed to solve your problems. After all, you are paying for them. They must provide a support team.

Considering these three things here is the deal,

Top 10 Cheap web hosting in india

01. A2 hosting

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Now a2 hosting is one of the best hosting for beginners in India. A2 hosting popular for it’s an excellent performance at an affordable price.

It is one of the best hostings that I recommend to everyone if you are just starting. For micro-niches, there is no alternative to a2hosting.

Key Features of A2hosting

Faster load time
24/7 chat support
Unlimited bandwidth and storage
WordPress optimized servers
30-day money-back guarantee
Average uptime (99.93%)
Higher renewal cost

Apart from that A2 hosting offers a variety of hosting services. It’s starter plan is the best for newbies now.

It has also cloud hosting, VPS hosting and shared WordPress options in which you can host your website easily with one-click WordPress installation.

Here You will see A2 hosting best sellers package which is value for money plan if you purchase for the long run.

And there are a lot of more options with easy installation. Click the button to see more about t A2 hosting plan and prices

02. Bluehost

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Bluehost is one of the cheap web hostings which provides shared hosting in just ₹199/ month.

Bluehost is very popular and well-known hosting provides quality hosting in an affordable amount.

So choosing Bluehost will be value for money.

Key Features of Bluehost

Claimed uptime (99.99%)
Free domain and site builder
One-Click-Install for WordPress
Easy to use, beginner-friendly
Customer support is not so Good
Offers for longer plans only

Bluehost provides its starting pack from $2.75/month which is the cheapest rate compared to all of the bug hostings.

Its other plans are also quite cheaper compared to others.

You can try it’s starting plan to host your website and start your digital journey with Bluehost. But I’ll not recommend to choose if you are a beginner.

Because it has a lot of functions that might look messy but it’s necessary for a blogger. In case, if you are proficient in blogging.

Like you know programming and coding very well then it will be easy to handle this hosting. Click the button below get this deal & know more.

03. Hostgator

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Hostgator is a powerful web hosting which guarantees to provide 99.9% uptime. Hostgator is known for its exclusive offers and deals.

Checkout Hostgator now to know about current deals. It provides lightning speed to the Indian servers. It’s customer service is also good.

Key Features of hostgator

Top 5 uptime (99.99%)
 No bandwidth and storage limit
Free website transfer
Unlimited email accounts
Multiple datacenter locations
Higher renewal cost

Hostgator is popular among cheap web hosting services because of its affordable & value for money plans.

Hostgator comes with all of the hosting plans like shared hosting, VPS hosting and powerful cloud hosting etc.

Here you can start your blogging journey and host your website with only ₹99/month which is also a great deal.

To activate this deal click that button.

04. Hostinger

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When it comes to hosting plans hostinger provides all of the hostings like shared hosting, managed hosting and cloud hosting.

Hostinger is one of the leading hosting companies in India. The c panel of this hosting has a simple and newbie-friendly.

Key features of hostinger

Top 2 load time (350 ms)
24/7 support chat
Datacenters in US, Europe & Asia
Free SSL certificate
Cheap pricing ($0.99/mo)
No free domain
Limited bandwidth on the cheap plan

Hostinger is also similar to the Hostgator but cheaper than that. Here you can start at $0.99/month.

Although its a great deal but there are some limitations like storage, bandwidth and monthly traffic. So if your website has low traffic then go for it.

Neither you must choose its premium shared hosting plan which is 70% off now.

Its starter plan is very cheap but I’ll recommend choosing its best selling managed hosting plan which will cost you monthly at around $10.

Hostinger is giving 70% off on its all plans now. So if you want to buy then Don’t miss this huge discount offer.

05. Fastcomet

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If you are a siteground user but cannot afford that much money then fast comet is a great option for you. It provides almost similar performance to SG.

Fastcomet provides 24/7 customers support. So the customer support is very good. If we talk about the performance.

I have personally used that hosting and don’t feel anything missing when it comes to speed. This hosting is value for money.

Key Features of the Hosting

Free WordPress migration
24/7 customer support
Daily and Weekly Backups
Free Domain Transfer
Starts with 15Gb SSD storage
No free domain

Fast comet web hosting is a great deal for newbie bloggers. If you don’t want to invest a huge amount on hostings.

Don’t worry Fast comet provide various hosting option from shared WordPress hosting to cloud hosting in cheap amount.

The unique selling point is the response time of its server which are very fast. Fastcomet is providing a huge discount on some of its hosting plans.

Follow the link to cheak its hosting discount

06. Namecheap

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As you can read its name already predicts “cheap”. Namecheap provides cheap web hosting services in India.

For beginners who just want to start their website can choose Namecheap. It has hosted over 1.5 million website till now.

So you can understand its popularity. Its performance is also good according to its budget. It will save your pocket if you are looking for the cheapest one.

Key Features of the Namecheap

Highly available with uptime guarantee
Unlimited Data Transfer
Easy backup and restore tool
Hosted on Namecheap Cloud
SFTP, Database Access, SSL & More
No free TLD’s

Name cheap is India’s most popular store to purchase hosting and domain in very cheap amount.

Name cheap is famous for its Black Friday sale in which they give massive discounts to it’s hosting service.

Namecheap provides hosting plans from premium costly hosting plans too. In which it can handle any website with huge traffic.

So you can choose any hosting plan with Namecheap.

Check Namecheap prices & offers

07. Hostingraza

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Hostingraja claims to the number 1 hosting provider in india. Although it is an Indian hosting company comes with lot of hosting options.

It provides some of the unique features like LiteSpeed servers, Gzip compression and a lot of. This hosting is also well known in digital marketing.

Key Features of Hostingraza

Fastest 99.9 % Uptime
Unlimited Data Transfer
One Click WordPress Installation
Free .in domain
GZIP Compression

Hostingraza is Indian based hosting company which provides hosting service in India.

The best part of this hosting is it gives you free .in domain extensions with its business plan. And its business plan starts from ₹161/month.

If your website is Indian specific then hosting Raza will be the best option for your website.

Checkout it’s amazing deal..

08. Bigrock

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Bigrock also a well-known inexpensive web hosting in India. It serves are quite fast in India. It provides hosting at the cheapest rate.

This hosting company offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee. So you can try out this hosting service without fear of losing your money.

It has almost every type of hosting service like shared hosting plans, cloud hosting plans, and others hosting plans too.

Choose your hosting according to your need.

Key Features of the hosting (starter plan)

Starts with 20 GB Storage
100 GB Transfer Bandwidth
50,000 Monthly Visitors
Free  SSL certificate
No server level cache

it also provides powerful Linux hosting so if you want to use Linux then Bigrock provides only from ₹251/month. Apart from this,

There are also a bunch of hosting plans which are best in terms of it’s the price range

09. ResellerClub

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Resellerclub is known for its excellent service at the cheapest rate. It provides almost all of the hosting service in a reasonable amount.

Its shared hosting plane starts with less than 200rs/month with full customer support. The feedback of its customers is awful.

So if you want cheap & best hosting service in India. Then this is one of the best choices for you to start with.

Key Features of the hosting

WP Database Optimized
Easy Setup & Integration
Multi-Channel 24/7 Support
Free SSL certificate
Supports 25,000 visits/mo. (lowest plan)

One of the best place for Indian bloggers. Here you’ll get all of the hosting plans at affordable price.

The best of this hosting is here cloud hosting price is also very cheap price. So if you are also a Hindi blogger than you should try this.

Hindi blogs have tons of monthly visitors that a normal shared hosting plan can handle.

In that case, ResellerClub’s cloud hosting is the best selection for you. Check out its cloud hosting deal now…

And finally, last but not least…

10. Greengeek

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Greengeeks provides premium hosting service with a lot of unique and high-quality features like realtime backup, server cache etc.

It’s starting plane is very cheap that’s why I mentioned GeenGeeks. You can start with this hosting with a minimum investment of $2.95 per months.

You’ll get a lot of benefits to it. My motive is to provide the best one, not the cheapest one that’s why I mentioned this hosting.

If you have an affiliate blog and your targeted audience are outside from India these this hosting is best for your blog.

Key Features of the hosting

Good load time (445 ms)
US, Canada & Netherlands servers
Unlimited bandwidth and storage
Free site transfer
LSCache Included

Greengeek is not an Indian specific yet its services are very good and provides premium features in affordable amount.

Like here you’ll get the fastest loading time, server-level cache, free domain and lot more.

Get the best quality hosting at a cheap price. Now Greengeek provides huge discount in it’ss pro & premium plans.

Garb it before it expires

My personal Recommendations

Choosing a hosting is not a big deal it depends upon 3 main points


Traffic – Your website traffic is the most important thing to be considered. It helps you to choose between shared or cloud hosting.

Budget – Before buying any hosting compare all of the hosting plans & prices that will be well suited according to your need.

Category – If you have a Hindi or news website. Then monthly visitors will be more compared to micro niches blogs. So always choose cloud or shared hosting behalf on that.

Also read – 7 Ways To Improve Website Speed For Beginners [Proven Ways]

These are the main things that helps you to decide how much money you should invest in buying hosting for your website.

Let’s assume,

You own a micro niche blog and bought a cloud hosting which will cost around $10/month.

Is it a smart decision?

Of course not, why? Because micro-niche blogs are targeted audience-specific.

They don’t require that much powerful hosting as they have less than 20,000 visitors per months.

But for news websites or multiple niche blogs after some time whenever traffic increases it requires powerful hosting.

Shared hosting

So in my opinion A2 hosting and Greengeek hosting are the best option for a micro-niche blog.

And if your website is new you can also go with them. Because at the starting stage, all of the websites have a few hundreds of visitors.

Cloud hosting

If your website has more than 10,000 visitors per month. Then it’s time to upgrade into a cloud hosting from shared hosting.

I have sseen most of Cloud hosting users are news websites, tech blogs and other multiple niches blogs.

Micro niches websites normally do not need a powerful hosting because they have targeted lesser traffic compared to multiple niche websites.


All the above hostings that I have mentioned are mostly prioritised by their performance and customer reviews not by pricing.

Because I believe in Quality of the product, not in the pricing of the product. Although all of these hostings are the cheapest one’s.

In the above hosting companies mostly are providing a 30-day money-back guarantee. So must check their plans and pricing on their official site.


If you are facing any problem regarding “hosting setup” or anything I’ll definitely help you at my Facebook group so don’t forget to Join Us.

I hope you liked my best choice for your website. Let me know in comments which one you liked and why.

Thanks for the love,

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  1. Hey Deepak kumar ,

    Excellent and well-explained post. I truly appreciate your hard-work.

    Glad to say that you have done a fabulous work and suggested the best & cheap web hostings in idia. You have introduced each hosting very nicely and provided all the necessary information that is well enough to educate the readers.

    I am aware of all of your suggest hostings except Bigrock, so kindly thanks for making me aware. Every time you comes up with an ideas that are truly important in every aspect.

    According to my beliefs & opinion A2hosting, Hostgator, Hostingraja, Namecheap, Bluehost and Hostinger are the best web hosting to use.

    Eventually thanks for sharing your knowledge and such a helpful post.


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