7 ways to improve website speed for beginners [Proven ways]

Are you also disappointed with your website loading speed?

You also have a powerful hosting but you are not getting a fast performance and want to your improve website speed.

Then this article is gonna be a speed booster for your website. 

Well everybody knows that Seo is very important to rank your website. And over 200+ SEO  factors loading speed is one of the major ranking factors for your website.

So in this lesson, I will discuss some of the basic fundamentals of speed optimization that are affecting your website performance and also guide you step by step to fix them.

In this guide, I will not gonna deep dive into some technicalities because it can be difficult for some newbies to apply that.

So I will be guiding you to the best and easiest way to boost your website speed up to 76%.

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Why your website must have good loading speed

7 ways to improve website speed for beginners [Proven ways]
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Speed optimization is one of the best ways to grab your audience’s attention.

A fast loading website is always a key factor of higher rankings in SERP within a month.

Looking complex.

Let me break into a simple answer with an example.

Assume you are a random person who is looking for something and you made a search on google.

In seconds, you are in front of number of results for your search query. And you clicked the first result but it is taking too much time to open the webpage completely.

Now my question is will you wait for that particular webpage to load completely or you just switch back and move over to the second result.

And fortunately, it opens in seconds, so what will be your next step… let me tell you. You will read the full article and close your browser or search anything else.

And this is how Google considers your website loads very slow and your higher bounce rate due to slow speed puts your ranking down in SERP.

So unlike 200+ SEO ranking factors, loading speed also determines your ranking position. You need to be the best if you want to rank 1st. For this, you can’t ignore your article’s loading speed.

Now, you have understood that to rank 1st, loading speed also plays an important role.

So how can you optimise your website? What are the proven ways that can skyrocket your blog speed?

7+ easiest and actionable way to improve the loading speed of your blog.

Here we have mentioned some of the reasons that may affect your website performance and with the proper knowledge, you can fix that.

These are the common mistakes which I have seen most newbies often do and resulting they face slow speed in their performance

01. Hosting

7 ways to improve website speed for beginners [Proven ways]
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Every newbie has the same condition they always look for a cheap and ordinary hosting which is not providing good performance yet!

They also offer limited features and cheap quality data servers. Just because of a few bucks, we are not willing to pay for good hosting.

Whenever we talk about website speed, Hosting is one of the biggest reasons among this which I have ever seen to my friends and clients.

Choosing cheap and ordinary hosting is good only when you just came to blogging for tasting purposes or learning purposes.

Ordinary & cheap hosting might not respond quickly to load your HTML and CSS files, and also it takes more time to load images, videos, illustration and graphics in your site.

So now you may be questioning what is the ideal web hosting for newbie bloggers who start a blog for the long run and wanna make it a passive income source.

Here is how you are gonna fix this,

Choose a good Web hosting which has quick response time and offers you the best features according to your start-up needs.

And when anyone talks about best hosting it is impossible to forget siteground hosting.

“But should you believe in my words?”

Are you also thinking the same? I know you are,

So here is the proof of my website loading speed when I also thought the same and started with a random ordinary hosting. Just to save few bucks.

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Now you can see another screenshot of Siteground hosting power behind these amazing numbers. And this happens when I don’t even installed any speed optimization plugins.

One the of main reason why I recommended Siteground because WordPress too recommends Siteground hosting.

02. Themes

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Your site’s loading speed also depends upon which theme you are using. 

Are you also using a heavy theme which includes lots of feature images and animations on your home page?

Does your theme support G-zip compression? Are you also using nulled themes? If yes,

Then surely you will see the slow speed in your site although you have a good hosting.

Most of the people use GPL themes or free nulled themes because they can easily use premium features without paying for them.

This will make it’s official ($50-$500) themes worthless because everyone can get it from the web. But it is not as easy as you consider. 

If you use GPL themes you might start getting some ads on your website or they can put some malicious files on those themes which will slow down your website. Just because they wanna steal your data.

So instead of using a nulled theme, I would highly recommend using the free theme which is available in WordPress themes store. If you can afford then must go for the small investment in your business. 

And buy a premium and lightweight WordPress theme Like Generatepress. This is one of the best selling WordPress theme now.

Most of the authority blogs like Bloggingcage & masterblogging also use Generatepress theme for their blog.

Yeah, Generatepress is also a best-selling WordPress theme and it is also a G-zip enabled theme. So if you are having problems with themes that will definitely be solved.

I am also using the same theme but it was GPL and a few days ago I purchased it’s the premium version. And personally notice little bit improvement in time to take the first byte.

03. Page Builder

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Well, if you have already used Siteground hosting and Generatpress premium and still your website takes 3-4 seconds to get a full load.

Then it must a problem caused by your page builder which you are using to design your blog.

Now, you might be brainstorming “page builder” are you kidding…

No dear! I am very serious about this matter. You know that page builder helps you to create awesome looking beautiful landing pages by a simple drag & drop method.

But have you ever seen the backend of this awesome design and structure? These are filled with JavaScript and CSS files. And the more you customise your theme the slower your site would be.

Here are the loading speed effects by the page builder that we have analysed after testing them one by one.

04.Garbage Database 

Everyone knows that once we keep using a smartphone or pc there is cache data or other miscellaneous files are stored.

Same happened with your website. Every time we install a new plugin, theme and start designing or editing them. After a few days, we uninstall them from our site.

Resulting, They left a bunch of codes and files in our database which increases our database storage.

And it will cause slow speed on your website.

Hosting companies have certain limits to handle any website easily. If you have a normal blog and you have decent visitors then Siteground is the best option to handle it but.

As visitors increase or your website database too it needs to upgrade to a powerful cloud hosting service.

But what if you have a normal website and you also have less than 10k visitors/month. Should you migrate to a VPS or cloud hosting which is quite costlier?


I will definitely not recommend But you may think then what should I do?

Well, there is another way which is very easy and simple. You have to clean your database. You have to clean all those files which are not being used or just like garbage in your database consuming extra space.

Let me explain how to do it,


Please read my steps carefully and follow them step by step neither you will lose your all data.

Step:- 01

Keep backup for your MySQL database

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In my case I have Siteground hosting so I don’t need to backup manually. Siteground keeps my back-up every day. So if you are also using SG go to Backup tool > choose a date to backup.

And if anything goes wrong you can switch back to any previous setting by using it’s backup up to 7 days before from the current date.

For others go to the Cpanel of your site and then MySQL > your domain folder > menu > export to backup.

Step:- 02

Install two plugins 

1. Advanced database cleaner

2. Plugin garbage collector

Step:- 03

First of all, go to the “advanced database cleaner” and scan then delete all those files with a red mark.

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Only delete files which are red. Neither you will lose your site’s data.

Step:- 04 

Go to tools > “plugin garbage collector” and scan and clear all the data which is default selected.

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Only delete the files which have the red mark. In some of the cases, you will not see any red marked files.

In that case, don’t do anything extra, don’t be smart.


Delete those plugins which have been installed and go to MySQL and download your backup file again and check its file size. I am damn sure it will be reduced.

So that’s how you can boost your site speed by clearing your database.

You can do this once in six months, that’s good enough.


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Some people don’t know or just because of their hosting limitations they choose servers from another country which slow down their website.

Like I am from India but my site is hosted on the UK’s server which will be very fast for the users from the UK but it will be slower in my area. So choose your database location nearer to your targeted audience.

If you have checked your site score on Gtmetrix before, You have seen it recommends using a CDN in the ‘Y-slow’ section.

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So CND which is (content delivery network) basically allows you to host your website all over the world on their multiple servers.

So that if anyone from Australia requests your server for your website so instead of fetching from your server which is hosted far away from the users it will serve from local CDN servers around that user.

Sounds pretty cool right!

Actually, it stores your heavy-duty time-consuming files on their servers so that it doesn’t take much time to load and your site speed is not affected due to your hosting location.


But, if you have already chosen your hosting server location which is different from your targeted audience. And if your target is all around the world.

To check it head over to Gtmetrix and sign up and check your site speed from different locations. If it’s is still good no need to use CDN.

BUT, If you wanna improve more site speed. Use one the freemium CDN called Cloudflare. It has great performance. I also use this CDN. Its free plane is awesome, however, it has paid plans too.

Which you can upgrade whenever you need or if you are a pro blogger. There is another best CDN called stackpath it has more no servers compared to Cloudflare but it is completely paid CDN.

You should also try this one too some of my friends also using stack path CDN.

06.Website Cache 

When we talk about website speed optimisation and miss a cache plugin or website cache it is almost impossible.

Website cache is some cache data of your site which is used to store your user’s device in the form of cookies. So that once he will visit your site it will automatically download some cookie data on his browser.

And whenever they’ll try to visit your site again instead of downloading data from servers, it will fetch directly from your device’s stored cookie.

So you might have noticed sometimes you reopen a page it loads quickly in milliseconds. It is just because of cookie data stored in your device.

So how can you also set it up for your website too? So that your site’s loading time will also skyrocket. There are some secret hacks and techniques which I have implemented.

If you are in WordPress you easily do with a plugin. But for a blogger platform, I’ll say “dude! what are doing there, it’s just a waste of your time”

For WordPress, there is an awesome plugin named Wp Rocket. It is all in one plugin if you start using this you will see an amazing improvement in your site speed.

Although it’s a paid plugin if you wanna see amazing results you can go for this plugin which costs you around.

Now let’s talk about its main features

But I can’t ignore that most people who just started blogging do not want to invest this much money. Some people also don’t have money to invest. So what can they do? Will, they can’t optimise their website with this kind of speed.

In short, no. But yes! 

Yes, you can definitely optimise your site if you have Siteground hosting and lightweight themes. For this, you can go for some free cache plugins like 

W3 Total Cache
Light Speed Cache
Swift Performance Lite

W3 total cache is a freemium plugin which allows you to optimise your site with some limitations. But you won’t need it. Its free version is enough for a normal blog.

Here are the best settings for a cache plugin which applies in almost every cache plugin

Cache plugin settings with a tick box.

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07. Image Optimisation

Images are very important to any website whether it is a simple blog or an eCommerce website images play a good role not only in looks although it is also important to basic SEO for your website.

But images consume most of the space to your site and you can’t exclude them. In some scenarios, we have to upload good quality images.

So what are the ways is having a good Hosting can solve this problem?

No! Never having a good Hosting doesn’t mean your images will be compressed automatically and loaded quickly.

So you have to optimise them manually. For this, I’ll recommend SMUSH plugins. The reason why I recommend this because this plugin will help you to customise all of the images and png files in your media library.

You just need to install it is available in both free and pro plan. But for now, you can start with a free plan later if you like. You can shift into a pro plan which will be very good.

So here is some basic settings guide which you can enable in wp SMUSH settings to improve its performance and load faster.

Enable Lazy Loading

Lazy loading is an amazing feature which you can use so that images will only load when people interact with them. So in this process, it will not let your site to download all images at once.

In that way, it will reduce requests to the server and your site load as quickly as possible.

Some more image Optimisation plugins:-

Short pixel- adapt images
A3 Lazy Loading

These are WP SMUSH alternatives which works almost similar to that plugin. You can also try them if you don’t like wp SMUSH.

Some FAQ related to speed optimisation


So in this post, I haven’t talked about any technicalities. A lot of people start blogging from pc and smartphone or their tablet too so being technically will be difficult for them that’s the reason that,

In this post, I have mentioned the most effective and easiest way to improve your site’s loading speed. And all of the above techniques are tried and tested by me personally.

For newbies read all the steps carefully and have a backup when you optimise your site. So that if anything goes wrong you can switch back to previous settings. You can make use of a free plugin called Updraft which is absolutely free to backup your site.

And I hope guys it will solve your problem also if you liked my Article on improve website speed

You can also contact me on Instagram if anything goes wrong.

Leave a comment which you liked and share this article show your Love.

Thank you

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